DIY and Further Reading

Further Reading

8/18/08: I Want To Do This All Day – A radio documentary about free schools and radical learning.

7/30/08: Your Handbook For Building and Running A Young Writers Program – Self explanatory.

7/4/08: Support Students on Hunger Strike In Baltimore! (Students are on a hunger strike to get the city to provide them funds to do outside-school activities and jobs that would normally be extremely difficult for them to get.)

7/3/08: The Mississippi Freedom Schools of 1968 Curricula online. (The Freedom Schools, which provided free classes and community spaces to African Americans during the “Freedom Summer” of the Civil Rights movement, has their curricula online. A very rich resource for teaching, learning, and a very important historical achievement.)

6/29/08: California Resists Home School Ruling. (A judge in California declared parents inept to teach their children or other people’s children because they did not have a teacher’s certification. This is a potentially serious blow to the home schooling movement. The article also discusses the resistance to this ruling).

The Origin and Ideals of The Modern School. (This is the only website that I could find this book available completely and for free… But, this is a historically important document in the history of free schooling. Fransisco Ferrer begun the Escuela Moderna – or Modern School – in Spain in the early 1900’s. After he was killed, the Modern School movement erupted in the United States and other places around the world. This is his book explaining the ideas behind the school and the history of it.)

6/25/08: What white educators can do

* Teachers are not neutral; teaching strategies and methods are not objective.
* We all speak from a particular standpoint based on our experiences.
* There is no essential, observable single truth; rather, there are multiple truths.
* Everything is not relative, but rather we recognize that cognition, the way we think and learn, is dependent upon experience and context.
* Understand and implement multicultural teaching strategies; design a curriculum that is explicitly anti-racist; be committed to raising issues of identity development in my classroom.

DIY Resources:

  • 8/01/08: Reproduce & Revolt – A bilingual collection of over 500 political graphics under public domain to be reproduced for political flyers, campaigns, and posters for free.
  • 7/23/08 Open Source Food – Learn to cook delicious foods by yourself or communally (and for free!).
  • 7/1/08: The Education for Liberation Network – Resource guide for anti-oppression in communities. (Search for things, get them in their e-mail list serve, or find them on the discussions on the site).
  • 6/29/08: Wiki Ant – A Wiki Guide For DIY Projects. (This doesn’t seem very developed, yet. It’s probably pretty new. It could be a fantastic resource once it takes off, though.)

DIY Green Technology Wiki – The names is kind of self explanatory. It has a whole open source project section.

The Anti-Textbook:

Currently under construction.


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