Teaching Social Justice Book; and NY Youth Collective Does Counter-Recruitment Training

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If you can’t read what it says on the picture, here it is:

Planning to Change the World is a plan book for educators who believe their students can and will change the world. It is designed to help teachers translate their vision of a just education into concrete classroom activities. This unique resource has all the things you would expect in a lesson plan book plus:

  • Weekly planning pages packed with important social justice birthdays and historical events
  • Lesson plans and resources related to those dates
  • Tips from social justice teachers across the country
  • Inspirational quotes to share with students
  • Thought-provoking essential questions to spark classroom discussions on critical issues
  • Reproducible social justice awards for students
  • and much more

This seems really cool. Two quick qualms I have with it are that there are re-printable “social justice awards” and that it seems kind of pricey (though it probably cost a lot to make). I always wished progressive teaching outlets like this would have some sort of “financial aid” for those unable to afford these types of things (and maybe they do, and I’m just not looking close enough). Either way, though, it does seem like an amazing resource. Go here for more.

Also, here’s something from the Education for Liberation Listserve that I thought was amazing, about youth collectivism and counter recruitment training:

Counter Recruitment Art in Action Training Proposal

The Nonviolent Youth Collective will be hosting a 3-4 day training in arts-based skill sharing, grounded in education and support around counter military recruitment and conscientious objection to the military. Workshops and skill sharing include topics such as design, storytelling, silk screening, dance and movement, street theater, action logic and creative nonviolent direct action. Also, time will be included for planning and strategy sessions in preparation for the May 15,th 2009 International Conscientious Objector Day of Action, which we are encouraging young folks to participate in.
The goals of this training are:
**To strengthen the Counter Recruitment and Conscientious Objection Movement in the United States through skill sharing, creating imagery, visioning, and skill-based capacity development in preparation for May 15th 2009 and beyond

**To network and build community among NVYC members and other young counter recruitment activists.

** To continue to build a network of young artists and activists committed to nonviolent, creative action in resistance to militarism at home and abroad.

Participants in NYVC trainings generally range in age from 14-26. In this training we are specifically looking to work with 15-25 highschool, college, and community-based youth that are involved in an organization or campaign that is resisting militarism or involved in counter recruitment work. Youth not involved will also be considered, but priority will be given to those that have an immediate way to put these skills to use.

If your organization or group is interested in having this event held in your city, please contact Brie Phillips at peacemakertraining@gmail.com by August 1, 2008.

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