Launch of Adventures in Free Schooling!

June 30, 2008 at 4:13 am Leave a comment

Hey there all, I am very excited to launch “Adventures in Free Schooling.” As an introducation, I’m going to copy and past the “about” section here. Additionally, I’ve also included two free school related articles that I’ve written in the past below.

About This Blog

I have started this blog in an effort to chronicle three goals related to free schooling:

1) By the year 2011, I intend to help set up a new free school that will sustain itself. By free school, I mean both free economically and socially.

2) By late 2009, I hope to have set up an online “directory” of free schools. The purpose of this directory will be to have easy access to discovering where free schools exist, descriptions of them, what these free schools offer, and communication between free schoolers. It is also the goal of this directory to set up support for emerging and/or struggling free schools (via advice, financial means, etc.).

3) I, and other people I know, write a lot on topics related to free schools, and this blog will serve as a place to put these writings. These will include experiences in teaching (and learning), free school-related book reviews, the history of schools in the United States, and general thoughts on free schooling.

Obviously, this will not be a solo experience. All of these adventures are joint projects. This blog will chronicle the efforts for all of those who are involved with these free schooling projects and want to write something about them.

About The Editor (Brian)

I technically go to college, but I like to think of myself as an unschooler. Most of my work focuses around unschooling/deschooling/homeschooling/liberation education/free schooling, DIY music, community organizing, and localized activism. I enjoy setting up shows, workshops, putting out zines and other literature, community food gardens, and workplace democracy. I’m a “t-eacher” and I do a lot of work at North Star: Self-Directed Learning For Teens. A great deal of the things I know how to do I have taught myself or learned because of my own motivation, and I think I’ve always been an unintentional free schooler. You can contact me at: brian AT freeschooling DOT org .

Over the next few days, expect for this blog and its sections to buff up considerably.


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